Thursday, 7 May 2009

Source now dual hosted at Github.

Following a general trend in the Rails world, the deployment tool capistrano and hosting service Heroku both use git, the distributed version control tool, rather than subversion, for deployment. I have therefore created a new public repository in my account and Proman is now dual hosted both as a subversion repository at Google Code (see last post) and as a git repository at

Some of the project management features seem much more polished on Github than Google Code so it may well be that the project will eventually migrate over to Github. In the meantime, the recommended work flow is to check out the project from Google Code. Add a git repository and download the latest HEAD. Merge the HEAD with your checked out local svn repository. After that, you should commit incremental changes to the git repo during each development iteration. On completion, push your git committed changes to github (so they'll be available to the deployer), then commit all the changes to subversion. I will document this better when I have worked out how best to run the joint svn/git set up.

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